Hey There!

My name is Katie Wrede and I am a life coach and meal planner.


The queen of meal planning actually.

I'm a woman running her own business. The last thing I want to stress over is the "what's for dinner" question.


I know you want that for you too.

My mission is simple: to help working women end the drama and overwhelm of meal planning so they can save their time, money, and energy for what TRULY matters. 

I combined mindset work as a life coach with my tested and true method of meal planning and called it Meal Planner Academy

Let me tell you where I started in my meal planning journey compared to now. 


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Like most people, the question "what should we make for (breakfast) (lunch) (dinner)?" was a daily question that my husband and I used to ask.


We used to stare into the pantry and refrigerator/freezer expecting the meal plan gods to tell us what to make. And if that wasn't bad enough, we would usually be hungry and tired from a long day at work while doing this.


All too often, that would lead to us just throwing a frozen meal in the microwave/oven or just going out to eat for the sake of convenience.

Lunch had its own problems. I worked a job where fast food was close by and was an "easy alternative" to planning and packing a lunch. Looking back, it's almost painful realizing how much money I spent doing this (do the math yourself and see). Where could we have used that money that better aligned with our values and needs? My co-workers always would go out for lunch and so it was a social thing for me too. It was an expensive price to pay to feel a sense of belonging. 

Grocery shopping was also a struggle. My husband and I would walk up and down aisles trying to guess what we would need for the week ahead. We would spend over an hour in the store and end up having to go back because we were missing an ingredient later on in the week. We usually bought a lot of frozen, preservative-packed junk because it was easy. Even though it was at the expense of our health and was over-priced, we did it anyway. Why cook your meals when you can just buy a frozen meal and heat it up? 


We struggled to come up with meals the both of us would eat too. He preferred meat based meals, I preferred vegetable-based. I was always trying to convince him to eat more of what I liked and vice versa. Or one of us would end up "caving" for the other person's preferences and were personally unsatisfied with the meals. 

I tested many SO ways of meal planning. In fact, I tried the whole "spend all day batch cooking enough frozen meals to last you the whole month" method. It was a nightmare. I even flirted with the idea of paying for a meal-delivery service. But thankfully I found a system that works, and will work for you too.

Image by Elena Kloppenburg

Let me tell you how we live our lives now. 

Once a month, my husband and I sit down and plan a month's worth of meals. It takes us less than a half hour every time. We order our groceries online once a week and pick it up from the store. We spend 15 minutes ordering groceries and an another 30 minutes to pick them up.


We have a shared online calendar that reminds us what planned for that night,  when we need to take something out of the freezer to thaw, or when something is about to expire. We feel confident making our meals because we know we have all the ingredients.


We purged ALL of our physical cookbooks and have everything digital and searchable. We love all of our meal options, regardless of our dietary differences. We spend an average of $100 a week on groceries and an only eat out once a week.  We eat whole, nutritious foods and rarely eat processed ones. We feel better and have the time and money to spend doing what we truly love and also allows us to spend more quality time with each other and our loved ones. 




Right now, you could easily do a search online or buy a fancy planner that will give you the "perfect" meal planning system. 


But if that was all it took, you wouldn't be here. You deserve better.

Meal planning doesn't have to be restrictive, confusing, overwhelming or time consuming.  

As a life coach, I have all the tools to help you with all the mind-drama of creating and sustaining change backed by my own experience. The tools I will teach you far surpass learning how to meal plan; these are skills you can use in literally any area of your life. That to me, is priceless. 


Think of me as your sarcastic (but loving), self-development mentor who gives you much better advice than any of your friends. You will experience change you never thought possible. I know, because that's what happened to me


No matter if you are here to say a quick hello or if you'd like to have a look around, I just want you to know that I'm truly happy you found this page. And if you ever decide you want to take your life to the next level, I'd be HONORED to work with you as your coach.

Just for Fun...


When I'm not coaching, I spend time playing music. I've been playing the piano since I was five years old! My husband and I play together in a duo-band called CommonGround and have a lot of fun playing for the city of Sioux Falls.


Individually, we both write our own music and are each in the process of recording and releasing our first album.


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