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My name is Katie Wrede and I'm "The Tech Mentor for Coaches". I'm known to get a little too excited when asked to help with anything tech related...and always seems to have the latest tech tools in hand. 

Raise your hand if you LOVE your business, but you’re not a fan of the technology part.

(I get it, no shame!)


Maybe you wish you had a more efficient and organized way to run your business using technology.


Perhaps you just want your webinars, social media posts, and other systems to stand out from the crowd.


OR…you KNOW you could figure it out with enough Googling and Youtube-ing…but who wants to take the time to do that?!


I consider myself an organization and technology guru.

No matter your reason, I can help!  

Check out how, below. 

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Templates and Courses
Tech Mentoring Katie Wrede


Need help with tech?
I've got your back. 
Let's make tech easy and fun, together.


Done-for-you templates and courses that make your life and business flow with ease. 


Website design, virtual assistant work, speaking events, and much more!
Let's chat about your needs!

Client Love

Client Love

"Katie is an amazing resource for those who are completely tech clueless, for those who know a little and want to know more, for those who want a lesson and then time to try it themselves, and for those who just want it done for them. She is approachable and made me feel totally comfortable when I didn't know what I was doing. She was also super responsive. I had transferring my website from one platform to another and got a message from a client saying my website was down. I messaged Katie and she was working on helping me fix it within an hour. It was truly above and beyond and she saved the day! I highly recommend her services - they are financially reasonable and completely personalized for your level of tech knowledge."

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