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Tell me if you can relate...

You dread the end of the workday because you have to figure out AGAIN what to make for dinner. 

You’d like to reduce the times you go out to eat due to health or financial reasons. 

You wish you could stop impulse eating out of the cupboard and/or impulse buying at the grocery store. 

You feel like you spend WAY too much time in the store, deciding and contemplating when you wish you could just get in and get out as quickly as possible. 

You’re tired of your meal options and want interest and variety in your menu choices again. 

Your family members have different meal-time preferences and you can never figure out how to get everyone on the same page as you. 

Sometimes you daydream about throwing your hands up and going the online meal delivery route, even though the costs make your head spin.  

You feel SO unorganized and just want to have a sense of rhythm and simplicity for you and your family surrounding mealtime.

You hate how often food goes to waste in your home before it’s used, either because you forgot about it or you simply didn’t find a use for it in time.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. 

Most women spend WAY too much time, energy, and sanity on the

"what's for dinner"  question when they should be using all of that on

changing the world, chasing their passions, loving their families,

and taking much-deserved time for themselves. 


Spoiler alert, if you related to any of those above, it’s not because you somehow are a failure at adulting...or that you are just “not an organized person”. 


Also... (brace yourself), it’s not because you haven’t haven’t scrolled long enough on Pinterest or Google to find the perfect meal plan yet! 

Meal planning should be easy, fun, flexible, and timeless.


I can help you get there, even if you feel you have tried "everything" before or feel you're "not that type of person".


In my 1-1 coaching program called Meal Planner Academy, you could have a sustainable meal planning system in place in 4 weeks. One that is not overwhelming, confusing, nor restrictive… with me guiding you every step of the way.



Tracy came to me with beliefs about her ability to meal plan that were stopping her. She believed these 100% to be true and had TONS of evidence to back them up. Sound familiar?


Through coaching, Tracy uncovered these beliefs and realized they were just thoughts, not facts. Very quickly, she was able to see how it was holding her back from achieving what she wanted: a dream meal planning system. So we went to work on her beliefs and mindset (the most important step).


When I asked Tracy what she would say to someone considering joining Meal Planner Academy, she said...

"It seems an easy thing to put off...but having a [meal planning] system in place and organized makes all the difference.

Take the time. Let Katie coach you and lead you. Be vulnerable. Taking care of this will spread into other areas of your life for overall amazing growth!"

Right now, you can Google
"How to Meal Plan" or “Easy Meal Plan”
and find THOUSANDS of answers.

But if that’s not what you need me for, and that’s not why you’re here.

(Although...I think my "how" is the best way, and so do my clients) 


See, if Google-ing was all it took to meal plan, EVERYONE would be doing it with no problem- like brushing your teeth or showering. But they're not, because they are missing the most important step.... MANAGING YOUR BRAIN.  


Right now, you are having over 6,000 thoughts a day. Every thought (whether you know it or not) is impacting the way you feel, act, and also what results you create in your life...including whether or not you have an effective meal planning system in place. Most people don’t realize that and even if they DO, they don’t know how to manage their thoughts in a way that works FOR them not AGAINST them.  

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Meal Planner Academy

the last "meal planning solution" you'll ever need. 

Imagine what it would feel like to:  

✔ Always have a plan for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner (including having the needed ingredients for them)

✔ Have more money, time, and energy to spend towards what TRULY matters to you 


✔ Know how to handle disagreements with your spouse regarding meal time 


✔ Confidently know what to do when you don't feel like eating what you planned or when "something comes up"


✔ Be saving money and eating healthier


✔ Have interest and variety in meal choices again


✔ Cut down on grocery shopping time and expenses by a fraction


✔ Be done with over-buying/spending at the grocery store or dining out

✔ Have a digital system to organize and store your recipes and meal options


✔ Have a meal planning system that is easy, fun, flexible and timeless


✔ Develop skills that can be applied to any area of your life and achieving any goal

✔ Be a part of an amazing community of alumni women who are there to support you through your meal planning journey

You can have all of this when you join
Meal Planner Academy.

Many people spend thousands of dollars a year on meal delivery services or dining out every year alone...on TOP of grocery shopping!


But you can end meal planning drama permanently for a fraction of all of that for a one-time payment of $397.’s a no-brainer. 

"I loved Meal Planner Academy. Katie has a kind spirit and delivers wonderful coaching. If someone is considering working with Katie, I would tell them it's absolutely worth the investment! The time this program will save you once your tools are in place is invaluable. It's great to have the workbook as you go through this process to help you strategize and/or work through any mental BS you have. Because of Meal Planner Academy, I now have an organized kitchen (pantry, fridge, freezer, etc.), a digital fillable template to plan my meals for the week, and a way to organize all of my recipes digitally. Most importantly, my stress has decreased and I now have more time to spend on other things I'd rather be doing during the week!" -Kelly

Here’s the thing. 

I’m not going to give you a list of recipes and tell you that will solve all your problems.


I’m also not going to have you do 4 hours of batch freezing on a Sunday just so you can have some sense of “simplicity” during the week.  

I’m definitely not going to tell you what you should/shouldn't be eating (#stopfoodshaming). 

Lastly, I'm not going to hand you a fancy, engraved planner or app and tell you that that will fix everything either. 

Because none of those will ensure
your long-term success.

I know this because I lived it. I’ve tried it all. 


Remember all of those bullet points you read at the beginning? That was me up until a few years ago. In my desperation to make mealtime “healthy”, “simple”, and “quick”, I went on this spree of meal planning experiments because everyone seemed to have the "perfect solution". So why did none of them work for me? 

All of this craziness led to burnout, overwhelm, and a horrible relationship with food. Little did I know how much meal planning had little to do with a perfect system and everything to do with the mind. 


When I aligned my thinking with the system I had created, it was like magic. 

Let me tell you

what it’s like now: 







Once a week, my husband and I sit down and plan our meals for the week and do our grocery shopping online. The whole process takes us 15 minutes total.  


We have a shared online calendar that reminds us what planned for that night, when to take something out of the freezer to thaw, or when something is about to expire.


We feel confident making our meals because we know we have all the ingredients and we have a plan in place in case life happens. 


We purged ALL physical cookbooks and now have everything digital and searchable. 


We love our meal options, even with our dietary differences


We are saving a ton of money because we are more mindful of what we buy and only eat out once a week.  


We eat meals that are in line with our values. 


We feel better and have the time and money to spend doing what we want with the people we love.

"It’s helped me in ways I didn’t even realize it would! I have the permission to eat things I actually enjoy, which is kind of strange at first with diet culture out there!


Plus, with meals being planned, there’s no need to worry because I know what I’ll have tomorrow too!" - Julie

Student Paper Writing

Here's the Breakdown

Module 1: 
Your Brain

You will discover how your brain is working against you, and start having it work for you.  You’ll learn how to change your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world around you on purpose, choose how you feel on purpose (regardless of what’s happening around you) and how to influence your actions and results you create in your life. 

What You Get Inside

Meal Planner Academy

For the Website (1).png

1-1 Coaching

private, once a week

virtual coaching for an hour

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Resource Library

all my tips, tools, and

tricks of meal planning

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Video Modules

step-by-step modules and time-saving how-to's

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Alumni Community

*coming soon*

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Academy Workbook

to help you focus and implement what you learn

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Messaging Support

unlimited in-between

session support

Over $1,800 of value,

but you get it all for only ONE payment of $397. 


It's your one-way ticket to take you from meal planning disaster to meal planning *bliss*

"Katie has an incredible ability to keep things lighthearted and enjoyable, even when I bring her my most vulnerable feelings and experiences. I have never felt remotely judged in our sessions, despite conversations that have questioned some of my deepest held beliefs. Coaching with Katie feels like a breath of fresh air and leaves me feeling lighter and more open to a new world of possibilities. She has an incredible gift for teaching with analogies that provide amazing perspective and insight to whatever we are coaching on. The wisdom she provides has led to results in my life that are genuinely invaluable. Her coaching is worth every penny that it costs." - Naomi. 

Oh, you want more?


Because you're gonna love this.

Not only do you get all the amazing resources and tools that will ensure your success as a meal planner, you'll ALSO get these amazing bonuses when you join this month: 


1. Dinner Drama MasterClass

A bonus video course that teaches you how to maintain love and closeness with your spouse even when you don't agree when it comes to things mealtime (which applies to all of us, am I right?). This includes dietary differences, expectations at the dinner table, each spouse "pulling their weight", etc. It's seriously a relationship game-changer.

2. The Ultimate (but simple) Meal Planning Tool.

The exact tool my husband and I use to plan our meals every week in 15 minutes or less. Yours to keep and customize forever. 

3. A Done-for-You Meal Plan

Yes I know, I know. I told you I wasn't going to hand you recipes to solve your problems. BUT if you want to take a month off of planning while you're creating your dream system with me, THIS IS IT. Or, you can use it for future inspo when you need a new recipe to try. 

4. Seasonal Produce Guide

What foods should you buy when? This handy guide will help you determine which produce items are in season and which aren't- so you can save more money and frustration in the grocery store. 

One More Thing...

If you have a pit in your stomach right now (like the one when you are about to board a rollercoaster)...

I just want you to know this: 

Investing in yourself can feel scary, and that's okay (and perfectly normal in fact). It doesn't' matter if it's an investment of time, money, or energy.


Every time I've invested in myself, I've felt a little nauseous. But I've always gotten WAY more out of it than what I've invested in it and never regretted it. What is the cost if you DON'T do this? 

Ask future you, the one who is SLAYING meal planning 4 weeks from now, what you should do. 

My guess is she wants you to just do the thing already so you can stop asking the "what's for dinner" question for good. 

You deserve this ❤

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching exactly?

Coaching helps you get perspective on your life, mind, and behavior so you can achieve the results you want in your life.

Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is not a replacement or substitute for mental health therapy. However, therapy and coaching do not have to be mutually exclusive. It is all comes down to personal preference and some clients even choose to do both simultaneously! Here are some things to consider: Therapy is for people who...

  • Desire to be assessed for a mental health condition(s) and receive treatment for the condition(s)
  • Want to receive services by someone who possess a degree and license for mental health services
  • Wish to discuss, explore, and analyze the past
  • Typically prefer to receive services that have a more passive, reflective approach
Coaching is for people who...
  • May have a diagnosis or symptom(s) of a mental health condition, but are functioning day-to-day
  • Do not have a diagnosis or symptom(s) of a mental health condition, but want to develop better emotional resiliency and control
  • Are future-focused and want to be done focusing on the past
  • Want to get "unstuck", set and achieve goals, and push out of their comfort zone
  • Want to design a life of purpose and fulfillment, but do not know where to start
  • Feel they are living their life on autopilot and want more
  • Want to create strong, healthy relationships with those around them and take full accountability for those relationships
  • Want someone in their corner who will provide encouragement, guidance, empowerment, and accountability as they grow and evolve in every area of their lives

Besides meal planning, what can coaching help with?

Coaching can help with virtually any aspect of your life! Here are some examples:

  • emotions (how to create, manage, and understand them)
  • time management
  • organization
  • over-eating / drinking
  • self esteem / confidence
  • holidays
  • family
  • spouses/partners
  • friendships
  • money
  • your boss
  • making and reaching goals
  • weight loss
And so much more!

What is it like working with you?

The Basics: Our weekly sessions consist of a 45-minute video call on Zoom. I start and end each session on time. The Topics: To start every session, I will ask you if there is something specific you want coaching on to start us off. Sometimes you will, other times you will not. I have plenty of material to lead our discussion. All you need is yourself, an environment where you can have complete focus, your phone/computer/tablet, and a stable internet connection. My Personality: I use humor, some swearing, metaphors, and a healthy dose of sarcasm in my sessions. I'm passionate about coaching and treat my clients like VIP's (because they are). The Feel: I run my sessions like the two of us are good friends just chatting over coffee/tea, except we are intentional and results-focused. Be prepared to get to work and make things happen!

I want coaching, but not a meal planning system.

Totally fine! You can think of Meal Planner Academy as an "extra bonus" to all the great coaching you will get in 12 sessions of working with me.

Can I work longer than 4 weeks with you?

Of course! We would just renew your package.

I have a question that is not listed here

No problem! Click HERE

Do you offer any other payment plans?

Right now, I only am accepting pay in full, up-front payment.

What is your approach to meal planning?

What you should expect with Meal Planner Academy:

  • Help creating a sustainable meal planning system that is entirely of your creation and free will. We tackle the nuts and bolts of meal planning and you will get coaching on ALL the rest.
What I won't do...
  • Tell you what foods are "good and bad".
  • Give you pre-made recipe plans or tell you what to eat.
  • Make a meal plan for you.
  • Judge you or correct you in what foods you choose to include on your meal plan (if you want pizza and icecream all day every-day, go for it!)
  • Give you advice on macros or calories.

I'm interested in working with you! What do I do next?

So exciting! The first step is to fill out this application here. After you apply, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days. In this email, there will be instructions on scheduling a "meet and greet" call to make sure we would be a great fit prior to actually starting a coach package together!