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The Best is Yet to Come, Exciting Things Happening!

👋 Hello and welcome to my first-ever blog! (Who knew I would ever be saying that).

Get ready for some occasional typo's, B- work that gets the general point across, and most importantly- a healthy dose of GIFs. Also, I'm not one for mediocre chit-chat, so you won't find lot of time-wasting fluff here.

Anyways, I thought it would be fitting to show you the behind-the-scenes of what's been going on with me and my business since I've been off social media the past month and half. It's been anything but a vacation- I've been working hard, coaching full-time, and now I'm here to share all these new exciting changes with you!

Basically, I realized that I was not being as effective as I could be with the content I was putting out into the world. In order to help as many women with meal planning as possible, I need to expand to other platforms beyond Instagram and Facebook. Since I'm operating as a one-woman team, I also needed to put an effective plan in place (which takes TIME!). So now without further adieu, here's what is new!

1. I totally re-vamped my website to better align with my goals and mission (I did it all on my own, need help with yours? 😘)

2. I started this blog (I am aiming to have new content posted every week). This will allow my content to be searchable online, unrestricted, and widely accessible to women everywhere. No longer will you need to sift through the noise of a million social media posts to find my content.

3. Not only can you find me on Instagram and Facebook, but you can now find me on YouTube, Twitter, & Pinterest too. Be sure to follow me there!

4. My mostly-nonexistent newsletter will now be active and will include important announcements, giveaways, and several other goodies you won't want to miss out on. I promise not to spam your inbox and will keep the things to a minimum. You can sign up here.

5. I've got a free webinar I'm cooking up for the near future, so subscribe to the email list so you don't miss out on those details!

6. I will be launching my free Facebook community called The Meal Planning Hub! Details to be announced soon.

7. Q&A Wednesday is changing. I will still be answering questions every Wednesday, but you will be submitting them using this link instead.

I'm excited for this new, wild adventure. Naturally, our brains love to have a lot of drama about the unknown and the new, but I am here for it all!



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Hey there! My name is Katie Wrede and I'm "The Tech Mentor for Coaches". I'm known to get a little too excited when asked to help with anything tech related...and always seems to have the latest tech tools in hand.


If you enjoy Schitt's Creek, The Office, and the Big Bang Theory; love analogies, and appreciate witty sarcasm, we are probably friendship material. 

So happy you found this page and make sure to friend me on social media and introduce yourself!

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