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Website Design

Your website as a business owner is often the first impression your potential client will have of you. This is why it's important to have one that represents who you are and how you can help! See below some examples of my recent work. 



Julia wanted me to completely take the reins in designing this website after telling me her vision. It was such a fun project and we were really able to display her coaching business as having that confident, leadership energy.



Jennifer wanted an easier system to operate her website on instead of Wordpress. She hired me to help her recreate her site on Wix. From there, we made updates to her website, partially from my creation, and partially from Jennifer's. 



Jen was another client that wanted me to have full creative control, but like all my clients, I made sure she was armed with the knowledge to make her own edits on her site, whenever she wanted.



Amanda had hired someone to do her website, but it did not match her vision. So, she hired me to take over, COMPLETELY rebranding the look to match her niche of professional women.

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