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Results: The Model-Brooke Castillo

This is the final post of a five-part series where we are breaking down The Model. Each of the five builds on one another. So if you haven't yet already, go back and check out the posts in this order:

All right, let's get into it!

Quick Recap of The Model

Okay so let's do a quick review of The Model so far. We have Circumstances, which are just existing in the world. Then we have Thoughts about those Circumstances, which give them meaning and cause our Feelings. Our Feelings are the vibrations in our body that drive our action or inaction. Our Actions (or inactions) are fueled by our Feelings and create the Results we have in our lives.

Results: What Are They?

Take a look at your life. The person you married, your weight, the amount of money you have and earn, your meal planning system, your daily habits. Your life is a collection of Results you've created from your Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions. In the artist analogy we've been using, the Result is the artwork after the canvas, paint, tools, and movement have all come together. However, Results aren't permanent. We can change them if we want to.

Isn't amazing to think about? Everything you see around you started in the human mind. The device you're accessing this on, the reason food is in the grocery store, the home someone built for you to live in. All of those results in the world started with a single thought. This is true for you too. Your thoughts are creating your current reality.

What Do You Want?

We are always creating our results. The question is, are we intentional about them? Are the results we currently have in our lives what we really want for ourselves? Are we satisfied with our careers, our relationship status, whether or not we've accomplished our dreams, our weight, the way we plan meals, our relationship with others and ourselves? If you had to wipe your slate clean, and re-choose your results right now, what would you keep? What would you change? The truth is, we can put anything we want to create in the R line. Anything.

Take a look at one result you have right now in your life. Take a moment to see if you can identify The Model running that has created this for you. Your Action or inaction, the Feeling that drives those Actions, your Thoughts that create that Feeling for you. Bring awareness to how that Result has appeared in your life.

Changing Our Results

Right now, the Results you continue to create is from your current Model. You are in "auto-pilot mode". Everything is in balance and your brain has gotten really good at repeating this pattern in your Model.

Let's say that you weigh 150 pounds. The Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions that you take to keep re-creating that result are second-nature to you. Your brain knows how to do it very well. Let's say that instead of weighing 150 pounds, you want to weigh 130. In order to get that result, you are going to need to operate from a new Model. Now, your brain can't run on auto-pilot to get that result. The natural tendency of your brain is going to want to repeat what's "easy" and what it's "good at". Our brains love efficiency and repeating patterns so you are having to override that. It's the same reason you don't have to think about tying your shoes or brushing your teeth every time you do it. Your brain uses less thinking power because it's so automatic.

It's like if you wanted to learn how to write with your non-dominate hand. You could practice it over and over again, but until it becomes your new normal, you will always want to resort using the other hand because it's easier and more efficient. To get your new result, you are going to be creating and practicing a new neural pathway until it becomes your new normal.

This path between the Model you're living and the one you want to be living from causes what's called Cognitive Dissonance. You are practicing a new belief, but also trying not to hold on to the old belief. It's uncomfortable, and we call this "the river of misery". The more we practice the new Model again and again, our actions will fall into place and we will have the new result that we want.

The path from where you are and where you want to be is a journey. But it's worth the discomfort to get to your dreams and vision for your life.

You Try It

Take the time to write out a list of 10 Results, Results you want to keep and ones you want to create or change. Pick one Result you don't currently have but want in your life. Remember you can put anything in the R line. Discover the Model you are currently living from that is not producing your desired Result and then create the Model that would. Then, start practicing and living into that Model until it has become automatic.

So Now That You Understand The Model...

I would love to help you get on the fast-track to achieving whatever Result you want in your life. I have all the tools to help you get there. Let's do this together!

Ready to take this work further?

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