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Here are some examples of things you can request...
🔆 Coaching on any issue (meal planning or non)
🔆 Tips and advice for meal planning
🔆 Info about Meal Planner Academy
🔆 Future content requests

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  • What is coaching exactly?
    Coaching helps you get perspective on your life, mind, and behavior so you can achieve the results you want in your life.
  • What is it like working with you?
    The Basics: Our weekly sessions consist of a 45-minute video call on Zoom. I start and end each session on time. The Topics: To start every session, I will ask you if there is something specific you want coaching on to start us off. Sometimes you will, other times you will not. I have plenty of material to lead our discussion. All you need is yourself, an environment where you can have complete focus, your phone/computer/tablet, and a stable internet connection. My Personality: I use humor, some swearing, metaphors, and a healthy dose of sarcasm in my sessions. I'm passionate about coaching and treat my clients like VIP's (because they are). The Feel: I run my sessions like the two of us are good friends just chatting over coffee/tea, except we are intentional and results-focused. Be prepared to get to work and make things happen!
  • I'm interested in working with you! What do I do next?
    So exciting! The first step is to fill out this application here. After you apply, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days. In this email, there will be instructions on scheduling a "meet and greet" call to make sure we would be a great fit prior to actually starting a coach package together!
  • What is your approach to meal planning?
    What you should expect with Meal Planner Academy: Help creating a sustainable meal planning system that is entirely of your creation and free will. We tackle the nuts and bolts of meal planning and you will get coaching on ALL the rest. What I won't do... Tell you what foods are "good and bad". Give you pre-made recipe plans or tell you what to eat. Make a meal plan for you. Judge you or correct you in what foods you choose to include on your meal plan (if you want pizza and icecream all day every-day, go for it!) Give you advice on macros or calories.
  • Besides meal planning, what can coaching help with?"
    Coaching can help with virtually any aspect of your life! Here are some examples: emotions (how to create, manage, and understand them) time management organization over-eating / drinking self esteem / confidence holidays family spouses/partners friendships money your boss making and reaching goals weight loss And so much more!
  • Can I work longer than 4 weeks with you?
    Of course! We would just renew your package.
  • Do you offer any other payment plans?
    Right now, I only am accepting pay in full, up-front payment.
  • I want coaching, but not a meal planning system."
    Totally fine! You can think of Meal Planner Academy as an "extra bonus" to all the great coaching you will get in 12 sessions of working with me.
  • Coaching vs. Therapy
    Coaching is not a replacement or substitute for mental health therapy. However, therapy and coaching do not have to be mutually exclusive. It is all comes down to personal preference and some clients even choose to do both simultaneously! Here are some things to consider: Therapy is for people who... Desire to be assessed for a mental health condition(s) and receive treatment for the condition(s) Want to receive services by someone who possess a degree and license for mental health services Wish to discuss, explore, and analyze the past Typically prefer to receive services that have a more passive, reflective approach Coaching is for people who... May have a diagnosis or symptom(s) of a mental health condition, but are functioning day-to-day Do not have a diagnosis or symptom(s) of a mental health condition, but want to develop better emotional resiliency and control Are future-focused and want to be done focusing on the past Want to get "unstuck", set and achieve goals, and push out of their comfort zone Want to design a life of purpose and fulfillment, but do not know where to start Feel they are living their life on autopilot and want more Want to create strong, healthy relationships with those around them and take full accountability for those relationships Want someone in their corner who will provide encouragement, guidance, empowerment, and accountability as they grow and evolve in every area of their lives
  • I have a question that is not listed here
    No problem! Click HERE
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