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Meal Planning as a "Disorganized Person"

Think about a result you want in your that you want SO badly, but one that you can never seem to make a reality.

Why haven't you created that result yet? What do you believe has been stopping you from getting it? You might believe it's because of some major character flaw you being a disorganized person. Or maybe you believe it's lack of discipline...or whatever it is.

If you're thinking that right now, I just want you to know, I get it. I KNOW you believe that to be true. Actually, if I asked you to tell me why you think that about yourself, you could probably write an essay with all the reasons that have led you to that conclusion. In fact, you also most likely believe that if you could just change "that one thing" about you, everything would be different right? You would be unstoppable. Well today, I'm going to show you how to change yourself so you can make your dreams a reality. But the solution is not at all what you think.

Before I get into that, I want to tell you a quick story. Over the course of my life, I've been inspired by many people. One being small business owners. I've just admired them. There was a friend of mine who I grew up with and she owned her own hair salon and was incredibly successful with it. I had another extremely talented friend who started a photography business that kept her ridiculously busy every summer. My father was self employed and was always able to provide for us. Just to name a few. When I thought about business owners, I thought of the incredible amount of skill, bravery, intelligence and grit they must have needed to pull that off. I thought about them as "the lucky ones"- so blessed to have those skills needed to do something like that. In my mind, I was not the type of person to be able to accomplish something like that. I didn't possess the kind of skills they had. I wasn't smart enough, brave enough, disciplined enough...etc. I also had my "evidence" too. I didn't have any experience of being a business owner, didn't go to school for it, knew nothing about how to do it, and that just wasn't something that was possible for me. No, that wasn't ever going to be my story. My story was going to be to find a 9-5, work for someone else forever, and I was perfectly happy with that.

Well, that was until 2019 when I discovered life coaching. It completely changed my life. So much so, that I didn't see any other option than to go through the training myself so I could help others too.

But then, I found myself needing to make a decision. Either get hired by someone to provide my coaching skills in their business, or start my own. I thought that it would be an amazing accomplishment to run a successful business, but I still had this belief that I was not the "type of person" to be able to figure something like that out. But luckily, I learned an important skill while I was in coach training- the same one I'm going to be talking to you about today. That is choosing who you are on purpose.

The beliefs I had about myself weren't facts at all. They were simply my thoughts that I believed to be true. So because of this, I blamed them for the reason I was not able to reach the goals I wanted for myself.

So once I knew my beliefs were just thoughts, I started to entertain that idea that my goal was possible for me. But on the other hand, I was also thinking "Well I'm different than those other successful coaches. I don't have what they have".

And to no surprise, the longer I believed that who I was as a person was going to prevent me from making money as a life coach, the longer I struggled to make money. This poisonous belief was actually to blame for me not making money.

On top of that, I struggled with taking the failures I experienced as "evidence" that my crappy belief about myself was true.

But, I kept believing. I kept practicing the belief that "I am a life coach who makes money". I practiced again and again, even when it got hard. Even when the results weren't coming.

Do you know what happened? I started making money. I'm still making money. I look back and chuckle at my past self who actually let herself believe this wasn't possible for her. Friend, YOU get to decide who you are and what you're capable of. Whoever you think you are, is what you will make yourself be.

So if you believe you are a disorganized person, you are going to continue to create that in your life for yourself. You are not going to be able to take the action required to create what you want from that place.

If you truly want a result that you currently don't have in your life, you're going to need to give up the identity label you've given yourself and instead, choose on purpose who you are and what you can create in the world.

So, if you currently believe you are disorganized, let it go.

If you believe you're not smart enough, let it go.

If you believe you can't do it because you've never done it before, let it go.

If you believe you'll never succeed because you haven't gotten there yet, LET THAT GO.

Your beliefs about yourself are holding you back. Trust me, they are. Even if you can't see that what you believe is a thought not a fact, you can agree that it's not serving you. It's a wall blocking you from what you want.

So, think about the result you want in your life. Now ask yourself, "What would I be doing or not doing to create that in my life?".

And then ask yourself "If I had that result in my life and was taking the actions required to create it, how would I feel about myself?". Capable? Confident? Lastly ask, "What would I need to believe about myself in order to make all of that happen?"

Now I'm going to give you a heads up. You likely won't be able to believe the new thought right away- you'll have to take steps and a lot of repetition to get there. But until you become that person through and through, you'll need to practice believing that the result you want in your life is completely possible for you. No. Matter. What. The cool part is, you will start to see evidence of this new belief popping up all around'll start creating it for yourself. And then one day, you'll realize you actually believe the new thought way more than your old thought. Then you know you're onto something. Going through this process is often pretty tough. Our brains aren't a fan of change and will meet us with a lot of resistance. But, the one thing that has always helped me create results WAY faster in my life has been to hire a coach. I want to extend that invitation to you as well. Not only do I have all the tools you need for the "how-to's" of meal planning, but I will get you on the fast-track to success with the most important part of meal planning (or any goal for that matter)- MANAGING YOUR MIND. If you're ready to get started, head over to or check out the link in the description. I can't wait for you to let this work change your life.




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