Katie Wrede

Virtual Assistant




South Dakota, United States

(Central Standard Time)

About Me

In 2020, I started my business doing tech mentorship- assisting life coaches with their tech stressors ranging from anything from website building to business systems.


After repeated requests, I started taking on clients for virtual assisting in 2021. Since then, I've helped dozens of business owners ​spend less time on the "behind-the-scenes" work so they can focus their time and attention on the parts of their business they love most.


Here's some quick facts about me:

  • I'm the most organized person I know. My friends, family, and peers come to me for tips on how to utilize technology to get more organization, implement better systems, and just make life and business a lot easier. It's truly my passion!

  • New technology and systems don't intimidate me. In fact, I LOVE the challenge and learning something new. With all the different systems and tech out there, it's a necessary skill.

  • I have a wide variety of skills and abilities, so I'm able to adapt to the needs of your business and wear multiple "hats" . 

  • I'm a self-starter and don't need a lot of direction or lots of details to take a project on.

  • I am not shy to suggest more efficient and effective ways to get the same (or better results). 

  • I believe effective communication is the key to a successful business partnership. I'm especially mindful in communicating those I work with so we all are on the same page. 

  • I'm a great team player and get along easily with other people. 

  • I'm responsible, reliable, and respectful. 

  • I value integrity, quality, collaboration, individuality, and connection. 

  • I bring enthusiasm and energy, because I love what I do!


Skill Sets

Calendar Management

Podcast Distribution

Video Editing

Canva Design

Social Media Management


Client Support

Systems and Organization

Website Management

Data Entry

Travel and Event Planning

...and more!

Tech and Systems

I am familiar with the vast majority of what online business owners are using these days. 

With the multitude of systems, apps, and services out there, I would have a list a mile long if I listed everything I know how to use! 

However, if there happens to be a system or program I am not familiar with, I can learn with little to no guidance. 


Examples of My Work

Click on the links below to see examples

Video Animation- I primarily use Final Cut Pro

Systems and Organization- This is a Notion template I made for coaches

Social Media


Fillable Workbooks

Web Design

Podcast Distribution


Need another example of my work? Just reach out!


Pricing Packages

I charge on a retainer basis, due the first of every month of service.

Need extra support? You can request additional hours for $40 per hour, depending on availability.

Up to 10 Hours

a Month


This is for: the business owner who just needs a little help to shave off some of the workload and free up some more time in the week.

Up to 20 Hours a Month


This is for: the business owner who needs more day-to-day tasks handled so they can focus their energy on the parts of their business they love the most.

Up to 30 Hours a Month


This is for: the business owner who's ready to free up a good chunk of their week so they can design a schedule that fits their goals and lifestyle.