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My name is Katie Wrede. I help women end the "what's for dinner" question so they have more time, money, & energy to spend on what TRULY matters to them.

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Colorful Healthy Food Quote Facebook Cov

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End the "what's for dinner"

question in 4 weeks. 

No calorie counting, batch freezing, or rigidity required.

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Coaching is my passion, and I LOVE my clients am always finding ways to give them WAY more than they pay me for. I coach and teach using metaphors, sarcasm, humor, and a little swearing. These are all things my clients appreciate about me.


My husband Brady and I are from the midwest in Sioux Falls, SD. We are proud plant parents of three beautiful plant children who only need our direct attention once every 2 weeks (they are VERY well behaved).


In my free time, you can find me playing music with my husband Brady. We play together in a duo-band called CommonGround and have a lot of fun playing for the city of Sioux Falls. I also write my own music which is so fun!

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